Massage From Director:

High quality is expected in every work and metal like structure is more Sophisticated with precision, accuracy and durability. So when you need a Highly dependable, high quality source and installer of metal work like steel Structure, you turn to Qatar Steel. Because we can assure you about all the Desired quality with our experienced work team, Quality products, a rock Solid record and an unmatched reputation for reliability even when faced with Stringent time schedules. Muhammad Yasin CEO.
Qatar steel is one of the reputed Company in UAE which is privately owned and is operated from Al Sajaa Industrial Area, Sharjah. We are proud for having a strong background of more than 17 years in the field of Subcontracting in various fields like factory shed, mezzanine floor, Complicated steel design work, tank, fencing work and all other related Building metal works. Our work forces consist of experienced and certified Personnel’s who are capable to maintain high standard quality and to deliver Your order within schedule time. All of these contributing to your dream, building edifies that stand the test of time.